3 Technologies that Can Boost Your Bottom Line

Technology is no longer optional. In today’s rapidly changing world, businesses are struggling to keep up. Technology has historically been viewed as an expense and is therefore neglected, when in reality, it is an investment that can be costly to ignore.

Businesses that leverage the wrong technology, leverage their existing technology incorrectly, or fail to adequately fund their technology initiatives are the first to fail. Leveraging the correct technology, however, will put your business lightyears ahead of the competition and set you up for long-term success.

Here is a list of 3 technologies that can boost your bottom line and help your business grow:


1.    A well thought-out CRM

Email is NOT a CRM. Many businesses use Microsoft Outlook or another email platform as the foundational tool for their business operations. They store their communications, meetings, tasks, contacts, notes and more in this tool. While this is not inherently bad, it’s not good either. A well thought-out and strongly implemented CRM will help your business track all customer relationships from start to finish. Every interaction is recorded and easily managed from one central application. A good CRM will help you gather, record and analyze data in ways that email can’t.


2.    A dependable, accessible file sharing platform

Having a place to store your files is a necessity—but what good do your files do if you can’t access them? Leverage cloud technologies to access your files from anywhere, at any time, in a secure manner.


3.    Outsourced Helpdesk

What good do your computer systems do if they aren’t working? How does it impact your business when your IT department or main IT contact is overwhelmed with multiple projects with competing high-priority deadlines? The average response time for most outsourced IT firms or internal IT departments is 24-48 hours. Leveraging the right partner for outsourced helpdesk can cut those response times down to less than 60 minutes!


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